Breathe New Life into Your Company and People

CO-Inspire is leadership development consultants for companies large and small.

We provide guidance to CEOs and executives, middle-managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.  We partner with clients to create a work environment that inspires productivity, creativity, and a real sense of purpose and teamwork.

Energy & Purpose to Drive Your Company Forward

Every company faces challenges. Our work is tailored to our client’s individual challenges. We deliver personalized soft skills training that:

  • Increases productivity
  • Decreases turnover
  • Reduces conflict and inspires greater teamwork
  • Helps those in leadership share a vision for the company’s future
  • Builds a work environment that provides greater satisfaction and a sense of purpose for all staff

A Keynote Speaker with the Key to  Inspiring Audiences

And solid guidance for leaders in all industries.

Audiences find Steven Vaughan engaging and entertaining as a motivational speaker. He imparts his experience as a small business owner in the healthcare industry and as a leadership consultant.

Recent Blog Posts

Have You Talked To Your Bowling Ball Lately

Have You Talked To Your Bowling Ball Lately

How many of you talk to yourself? Now don’t feel bad about saying “yes” because we all do it. What’s really weird is when people talk to inanimate objects they have no control over.   “Come on baby! Hit the headpin. Hook! HOOK! Gutter?!?”   The real question...

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But He Said It Was Okay

But He Said It Was Okay

When I was quite young, around 8 or 9 years old, our family was good friends with the pastor of our church. Since my dad was also the custodian of the church, we saw our pastor Rev. Orson Evans on a regular basis. Rev. Evans liked little novelties and tricks, and one...

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Loyalty is a Choice

Loyalty is a Choice

Frank, a very pleasant, well-dressed elderly man in his 80s, had cut his thumb several weeks ago requiring stitches. Being older, he healed a little more slowly, but the morning came when he was finally able to have them removed. His appointment was at 9:00 am,...

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About Steven

An entrepreneur, a healthcare professional, a speech and debate coach, and a business leader. These are the facets of Steven Vaughan’s life that he will put to work to create a brighter future for your company.