Relationships are a huge key to getting the things money cannot buy. Therefore, you need to build these to the best level that you can. Consequently, this will continue for the rest of your life. Because you can never stop working on improving your relationships. Here is how to start.

Think about members of your family, friends, co-workers. When was the last time you gave any of them a sincere compliment? Been a while? How often do you give compliments? Rarely? Well, it is time to change.

I want you to get several sheets of paper and a writing utensil (pencil, pen, etc.). Go on. I will wait. Seriously, get the paper and pens. 

On each piece of paper, write the name of someone you know at the top. Try to make these people from different areas of your life. A family member, co-worker, friend, neighbor.

Now, under their name, write a sincere compliment as if you were saying it to them. For example, “You are one of the most talented musicians I know.” You do not need to sign your name at the bottom.

There, that was not too difficult, was it?

Now, this coming week, I want you to fold up that piece of paper and give it to the person you complimented. You can do this anonymously if you wish. Put it on their desk when they are away. Whatever. Then, watch their reaction if you can.

We all really enjoy getting compliments. This does not make us self-centered; it makes us human. Think of it this way. Suppose a good friend of yours called you out of the blue one morning. That friend says,

“I just wanted you to know that I really value our friendship. You have been such an inspiration to me. I think you are one of the kindest, wisest, most caring people out there. Thank you for being such a great person. I’m so glad you are my friend.”

How would that make you feel? Wouldn’t that energize you for the day? If you are a doctor, would you be a better doctor that day? If a mother, a better mother? A better teacher? Lawyer? Pastor? Secretary, teller, garbage collector, whatever you do? You would be better at anything you did, wouldn’t you?

Now, would you know any more about being a doctor, lawyer, teacher, mother, pastor…? No! So why would you be better? Because you feel better about yourself. A positive self-image will not make you able to do anything, but it makes you able to do everything better.

When you start giving out sincere compliments, don’t be surprised if others do the same for you. It’s knid of like the Golden Rule. 

When you hand out those compliments, let me know what reactions you saw in the ones on the receiving end.