This is a progressive set of posts. If you have not read the prvious posts, please read the first one here, and the second one here.

Once you have your Dream List, and you have asked the “Why” you want to Be, Do or Have the things listed, let’s take a closer look at these dreams. Over the next two steps you will be eliminating some of the dreams you wrote down. This will be done by asking questions of each dream listed.

For this first set of questions, and you must asnswer “Yes” to each oneIf you answer “No” to any of them, you need to mark that goal out, removing from your list. 

  1. Is this really my goal? (This could be a goal someone else has made for you.)
  2. Is it morally right and fair for to everyone concerned?
  3. Is it consistent with my other goals? (You can’t have contradictory goals)
  4. Can I emotionally commit myself to finish this goal? (Really think about this one. The bigger the reward of the goal, the harder it will be to complete it.)
  5. Can I “see” myself reaching this goal? (Can you envision yourself, imagine yourself doing this goal?)

With the next set of questions, you can answer “Yes” to any of them and keep it as a goal. There are seven of these questions.

  1. Will reaching this goal make me happier?
  2. Will reaching this goal make me healthier?
  3. Will reaching this goal make me more prosperous?
  4. Will reaching this goal help me win more friends?
  5. Will reaching this goal give me peace of mind?
  6. Will reaching this goal make me more secure?
  7. Will reaching this goal improve my relationships with my family and others?

You will likely have marked out a few of your dreams by now, but that’s okay. You should have some really good dreams remaining that we will work on. 

The last thing to do before moving on will be to distinguish each one by the amount of time it will take to complete. If you can complete this goal in 1-6 months, mark it with a “ST” for short-term. If it will take 6 months to a year, mark as “IT” for intermediate term. And if it will take over a year, or will be ongoing, mark with an “LT” for long-term. 

Once you have done this last step, you will be left with a good number of dreams that are separated out into how long it will take to complete them. Take a break from this for now. We will come back and start converting dreams into workable goals with the next post. 

For now, I want to congratulate you. If you have made it this far, you are on your way to becoming part of the most successful 3% of people in the USA. And please comment below how the process has gone for you so far.