In this post, we will finish the Goals and Achievement process by turning your Dreams into measurable Goals that you can track and see when thay are completed. If you have not read the previous posts, please go and read You Gotta Have Goals, then Dare to Dreamfollowed by From Dreams to Goals

Once you have completed the Dream Sheet, download the Goals Sheet. Save this link as you will want to print off new forms as you complete your goals. 

From the Dream Sheet, choose up to four goals you want to work on now. It is best to choose one from each of the Short-Term, Intermediate-Term, and Long-Term goals. Then choose a second one from those categories. This way you can see progress on a regular basis. 

Now follow these steps, which are incidently the headings on the Goals Sheet:

STEP 1—Write your chosen goal in measurable terms. This will help you determine when you have in fact met this goal. For example, don’t write as a goal “get more healthy.” If you want to lose weight, say how much. 
STEP 2—List all of the benefits you will receive from achieving this goal.
STEP 3— List any major obstacles or “mountains to climb” to overcome if you are going to achieve this goal.
STEP 4—List the skills and knowledge you will need to have, or get in order to achieve this goal. You may add to this list as you research how to reach this goal.
STEP 5—Make a list of all of the individuals, companies, groups, or organizations that will help you overcome obstacles, or help you with needed skills and knowledge. Consult your WHO friends diagram as needed.
STEP 6—Write out your plan of action to reach this goal. You may only get the shell of the plan on this form. If needed, get a larger piece of paper so you can go into much more detail on this plan of action. If you have chosen a larger long-term goal, you may need to break it down into smaller steps. In this instance, write out the plan of action for the first smaller step.
STEP 7—Set a completion date for achieving this goal. Add a completion date for a smaller step as well if for a larger goal. Even for a large long-term goal, estimate a completion date for the whole goal.

Do this same thing for the other three goals so you have up to four things you are working on. 

Finally, put these steps on a calendar where you are working on these steps on a regular basis. When you accomplish a goal, or meet a milestone on a larger goal, be sure to celebrate that achievement. This helps reiforce that what you are doing is a good thing.

If you follow through on this program and are consistent, not only will you save valuable time, you will be on your way to achieving what only 3% of everyone else in the USA has done. 

If you have any questions, or if you need help with this, drop me an email at You may benefit from my coaching program to really seal this in. And please comment below on how you are coming along on your goals.