If you could choose the life you would want to live, what would it look like? Where would you live? What car would you drive? What would you do for a living? 

Sometimes it’s fun to think about these things; to dream of what could have been were we lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. But alas, reality rears its ugly head and we see that what we have now is the best given the circumstances. But…if you could choose…what would you do? Play along. Just for a minute. Think about what you would be, do, or have. Fun to think about, right?

Look at that question again. “If you could choose…” Stop right there. Those first four words really say it all. Really look at these four words closely, because what seems to be an innocent little question is really a vile trap. What?!?

Yes. A vile, destructive, naïve trap. Why? Because these four words imply that life is just a game of chance; a roll of the die; the turn of a friendly card. Some get lucky, but most; well most only dream of what life could have been had the right numbers turned up. 

These words, if you could choose, create within us a type of bondage that is stronger than chains. It is a belief that you will never be anything better, do anything better, or have anything better than your current situation, unless you get really lucky. In other words, you can never achieve anything beyond what you believe is the truth about yourself, even if that belief is not true. 

This is why out of the 186 million people in the USA who set goals for themselves every year, 171 million quit before they reach those goals. That’s 92%! You see, those four words, If you could choose, stand there screaming at you, saying that you really can’t choose!!!

So you have to settle for whatever good things life is giving you now. Forget about the BEST. In fact, it’s better not to even think about what the BEST might actually be. That’s just a pipe dream.

If you could choose… Those words are a dirty rotten lie, because you can choose. This is part of being created in the Image of God. I truly believe that God has designed you for accomplishment, engineered you for success, and endowed you with the seeds of victory. I truly believe that you can know the plans God has prepared for you, and that you can run on the path He has set before you. But, to live this kind of life, you must first plan to win, then prepare to win, and then, and only then, can you expect to win.

If you want to explore these concepts further, drop me an email at steven@co-inspire.biz. I would love to set up a no obligation 30 minute call and discuss how I can help you achieve your goals. And be sure to check out the next post, as I examine who this God is that we Christians say we believe in. Be ready to be challenged to believe your beliefs.