I love this picture. It is the Ziglar Legacy Class number 22, or ZLC22. And we were the best class the Ziglar office ever had. And if you want proof, just ask any one of the people standing in the picture. They all came from different walks of life; all came as strangers, and we left as family. Not only with each other, but also with Tom, Julie, and Cindy, the Zig Ziglar children who are carrying on his legacy.

These wonderful people are part of a network of people I count as more than friends. We all have these people in our lives, whether they be few or many. And these people are a huge key to success.

I don’t have time or space to get into the huge network we all have. However, I’d like to show you how this can work in your life, and business. This will involve some math. But don’t worry, this won’t be on the test at the end of this post.

We all have people that we count as friends. If one of those people came to you and asked for your help, I would venture to guess that you would do whatever was in your power to give them what they needed. And the closer the friend, the more effort you would give.

I would also hazard a guess that if you were to go to one of your friends with a need, they would do their best to help you in turn. That’s part of what it means to be a friend. In fact, I would bet that if your friend couldn’t help you directly, they would see if they knew someone who could. I believe we would all do the same for all of our friends.

Here is where math comes in. Suppose you have 50 friends, and each of them have 50 other friends. Right there, you have access to 2500 people. But, if your friend asks for their friend to help and they can’t assist directly, so look to one of their friends… This gets into the tens of thousands of people you are connected to just through the original 50 who would be your allies or advocates just because they are a friend of a friend.

I go much deeper into this in my Seminars and Retreats. And quite frankly, this excites me more and more. The hardest part is humbling myself to ask directly for help. I’m so ready to help others, but pride can set in and I want to look like I never need help. I think that’s part of the Bible verse that says, “Pride comes before destruction.”

If you need assistance, and we all need assistance, it’s time to start asking our network of friends for help. They will be blessed knowing they have helped you, and you will be blessed by their help.

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