As a kid, I always wanted to be on stage. Somewhere. Anywhere. I imagined myself hearing the Director announce through his megaphone, “Lights! Camera! ACTION!” That last command set everything in motion. Without that command, and subsequent response to do something, movies would be very boring.

So far I have written about six principles for life and success. If you haven’t read these yet, here are the links to each. They are about Responsibility, Wisdom, Decisions, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Persistence. All of these are principles, and they will work for you, or against you, because they are always at work in our lives. If we don’t understand and utilize them, we will be defeated by them. However, this one, concerning action, is the most important of the am all.

Without action, nothing happens. You can know and understand life perfectly, but unless you act on it, your knowledge gets you nothing. And I know that you all know this. But…do you really? I ask this because what is it that we tend to do when we hit a wall, get depressed, or come to the end of our rope? WE STOP DOING!

We’ve all been there. When we get depressed, run out of ideas, are confused. What do we do then? We sit on the couch. Sleep all day. Watch TV. We sit there and wait. WAIT FOR WHAT?!? If opportunity, information, encouragement, and knowledge come from others, most of the time those others are not sitting on your couch when you are down. You, YOU, have to go to them. Or as the old proverb says, “Those who stand on a mountain with their mouth open wait a long time for a roast turkey to fly in.” You have to do something.

Every time you do something, things change. That is a principle you can take to the bank. In fact, every time you do something, or choose not to do something, it matters. Life is what in philosophy is called a “genuine option.” A genuine option is one where you are forced to make a decision, and not deciding is also a decision. Think skydiving. Once you exit the plane – which seems crazy to me to leave a perfectly good plane – once you exit the plane you have a decision concerning the pulling of the ripcord. Whether to pull it or not, that is. Deciding not to decide is also an option but has grave consequences. Not taking action is also a decision.

Our life was designed to be lived fully alive. Each of you has been given gifts and abilities by God to be used. You are the only one who can use your abilities, and that makes it an awesome responsibility. But we must be people of action. And that means there is risk involved. Incidentally, a survey of folks in the latter part of their lives revealed that one of the things they would have done differently had they had life to do over again is to take more risks; make more mistakes. Don’t be that person.

Are you a person of action? Or are you more prone to sit on the couch waiting for life to happen to you? If you are waiting for life to happen and want to get out of that predicament, give me a call, or shoot me an email. I would love to set up a free, no obligation call with you to see how I can help you get moving, get doing, get living. You can email me at Or call me at 720-446-6687. I look forward to hearing from you.