Have you ever done something really stupid? I certainly have. When I was in High School, my brother had a 1971 Barracuda. It was not only cool looking, but it was also fast, well, when it ran well.

We were out one night driving around when I had to get out of the car for a moment. As I started back for the car, Dan started to drive away, as brothers sometimes do. I jumped on the hood of the car, laying on my stomach with my face toward the windshield. He kept going. And he gained speed. A lot of it. With my hands gripping the back edge of the hood, I spread my legs to lock my feet over the front end of the car. And I held on for dear life.

He finally slowed and came to a stop. After I hopped into the car, he told me he had gotten up to 55mph. Since then, I have thought about what could have happened had I lost my grip. I do not think I’d be writing about this now had I fallen off. All this to say, we all do some dumb stuff, and we could all improve our judgement.

Good Judgement

It’s been said, “Good judgement comes from experience. And experience comes from bad judgement.” The above story proves that to be true. I believe most of us want to make the best decisions we can. We genuinely want to be wiser. So where does this wisdom come from? The short answer is that it comes from others.

If you are in a bad place right now, personally, financially, spiritually, your best decisions are likely what got you there. I mean, no sane person gets up in the morning and says, “You know, I think I want to make the worst decisions I can today because I really want to mess up my life.” NO! You want to make all the right decisions so you can make your life better. But here you are, at the end of your rope and you are not sure what to do.

We Need Others

YOU don’t know what to do. But guess what? There are others who have more experience, more wisdom than you. And it is that wisdom that will get you out of your situation. If your best decisions got you to a bad place, your best decisions are likely not going to get you out. You need the best decisions of others who happen to be all around you.

These others include your true friends, your pastor, parents, other mentors. Wisdom can come in the form of direct conversation, reading good books, listening to books, lectures, seminars, and workshops. Some suggestions I have for you would be, the Book of Proverbs, anything written by Andy Andrews, Ken Davis’ video Fully Alive, Zig Ziglar’s Legacy Series, Tom Ziglar’s book Choose to Win, Bob Beaudine’s book The Power of Who. You can choose what to put into your mind. Choose wisely. It’s more valuable than gold or silver.

What other suggestions do you have that will help fill our minds with wisdom? Write about it in the comments below.