When we think of ourselves as compared to the animal kingdom, there are some major differences. But the biggest one is that we are not only physical and mental creatures like all animals, but we are spiritual too, which is where we are vastly different. How do I know this? Quite simply. The animal kingdom operates on two basic instincts: survival and reproduction. If you ever watch Animal Planet or Discovery, you will see this over and over. Animals are either looking for food, resting from the hunt, or looking to mate. Survival and reproduction.

Humans, on the other hand operate mainly on what we believe. Our beliefs drive our thinking; our thoughts then produce emotions which then act upon our choices; and our choices determine our actions and how we live. Therefore, when you think about it, the spiritual side of our lives is really the most important as it is at the core of everything else. Ultimately, we are motivated by faith, or what we believe to be true. Humans have a deep, basic need for hope, and love. It is said that a human can survive for 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air, but we cannot last 3 seconds without hope. Humans will even give their lives for intangible things like love of country, principles, and ideas. We spend our lives seeking things that will make us “happy,” give us peace of mind, and serenity. The animals do not look for happiness, they do not fight for their country’s principles and way of life. Only humans do. So, again, our spiritual side is particularly important.

The problem is that we tend to dismiss our spiritual side and focus on the mental and physical. However, that can be detrimental to every other part of our lives. If our beliefs, what we have faith in, drives every other part of our life, then it is a particularly good idea to know how to take care of and nurture this part of our being. That is just plain common sense. If you want your new car to operate at its peak performance for a long time, you see what it takes for that to happen. The same goes for your spiritual health. A well-maintained spiritual life will produce a better overall life. Those who do not take care of this, will end up living like an animal.

Check back regularly to this blog, as I will give insights to how to care of this most important part of our lives.