The CO-Inspire Productivity Process—A Formula for Success

Productivity and Satisfaction Go Hand in Hand

CO-Inspire’s process targets the factors that prevent individuals, business owners, executives and staff from achieving a high level of productivity and satisfaction in their lives and work.

Productivity and satisfaction go hand in hand. Satisfaction combined with inspiration drives motivation. Our process is created to uncover what is causing dissatisfaction and a lack of purpose for individuals and teams. CO-Inspire can provide an outsider’s view of potential solutions/remedies and help you implement them in your life and company.

For a better understanding of what we do, these answers to frequently asked questions may be helpful.

Q. What size companies do you work with?

A. CO-Inspire works with companies of all sizes. If the company encompasses less than 100 employees, we will often work with all managers and departments to make improvements. For larger corporations, it is typical to tackle a single aspect of the company’s operation where the executive team has already identified a lack of productivity.

Q. How do you help individuals or executives who are interested in your Executive and Life Coach services?

A. CO-Inspire’s executive and life coaching services for individuals are very personalized. We get to know you, what is important to you, and what challenges you face. We work with you to identify the steps needed to achieve your dreams. Some clients just need a large dose of encouragement. Many need coaching in time management, conflict resolution or goal-setting skills. We treat each client as an individual and offer guidance tailored to their specific needs. We use a proven process—not a programmatic approach that ignores what makes each client unique.

Q. What kinds of organizations typically hire you as a keynote speaker?

A. Our audiences are professional organizations, those attending corporate meetings, faith-based groups, and associations of all kinds. Because Steven Vaughan spent much of his life as a specialized RN and small business owner in the healthcare field, he is an especially good choice as a keynote speaker for meetings of medical or healthcare industry groups.

Q. Do you offer distance coaching?

A. Yes, we offer distance coaching as either the primary point of contact or intermittently for those who travel frequently. There really is no reason not to explore the CO-Inspire coaching services!

Q. How can I get more comfortable and effective when I give a speech or presentation at work?

A. Sign up for CO-Inspire’s public speaking coaching services. We know that public speaking is one of the most common fears. But even people who do not fear making a public presentation can feel uncomfortable and ineffective when speaking to a group. Effective public speaking is one of the most important skills for business leaders to hone. In addition to a professional motivational speaker, Steven Vaughan has coached high school speech and debate for many years. He has coached several students to national championships. He knows how to grab an audience’s attention and deliver a memorable and persuasive message—and he can teach you how to do that, too. Steven will help you move from fear/doubt/discomfort to confidence.

Q. How do your team building services work?

A. Actually, they work very well. We offer several formats for team building. Some clients choose to have CO-Inspire plan a team building event or retreat away from the office. These can be great for helping teams bond for greater productivity. We can also present a team building workshop for staff at your location or somewhere nearby. All team building options are interactive experiences and are designed to help managers and staff work together more efficiently and effectively. CO-Inspire also offers a team building workshop especially developed for a company’s executive leadership. Leadership Workshops can be held within the company’s offices or at a remote location.