Motivational Keynote Speaker Inspiration

Popular Denver Keynote Speaker —
Steven Vaughan

Steven Vaughan is a popular Denver keynote speaker. Using humor and anecdotes from his own experience as a small business owner in the healthcare field, he is uniquely qualified to bring motivation to his audience and inspiration that can be shared with their companies and people.

As an executive or business owner, it is easy to lose focus on the big picture. One can become mired in day-to-day challenges and forget the energy and inspiration that come from working toward entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations. Steven Vaughan’s presentations use memorable humor and illustrations from his own life to bring purpose and valuable leadership principles into focus for his audience.

Here are a few of the topics that Steven Vaughan can customize for your organization’s keynote:

  • Choose to Win!
  • The Stairway to True Success
  • Fifteen Steps to a Healthy Self-Image

These presentations address issues that every individual and organization face. They display universal themes but are presented with Steven Vaughan’s unique slant on life, business, and success.