Presentation Inspiration

Training in Skillful and Engaging Public Speaking

Public speaking is difficult for many. A clear, concise presentation of corporate values, business data and analysis, or product information is a necessity for business leaders. To be successful managing people, your communication skills must be honed to the level that you can readily make a fine point, achieve clarity and secure buy-in from the audience.

Steven Vaughan is a professional speaker who trains adults and young people in skillful and engaging public speaking.

Our clients are executives and ambitious middle managers who know that their presentation skills need improvement. Often they are masters of a skill or specialized knowledge but they struggle when they share information with others. That hampers their career growth.

Steven Vaughan is an expert in public speaking. He has taught speech and debate to high school students, and infusion therapy techniques to nurses and other healthcare professionals. He is a teacher and a communicator.

To talk with him about improving your public speaking skills, call 720-446-6687.